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It's become something of a badly kept secret around these parts that brunching is one of my favourite weekend activities, and I'm firmly convinced that a leisurely catch up over tea and toast/granola/eggs is one of the most enjoyable ways to round off the week. One dining destination which has been on my 'to visit' list for what feels like forever is Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings, and last Saturday I finally ventured to Clerkenwell to give it a much anticipated try...

Suffice it to say, I was not disappointed! The weekend brunch on offer at Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings is one which had been recommended to me so much- and after sampling the menu for myself I can well and truly see why. Whilst the food options aren't extensive, they are perfectly considered, offering light bites such a toast and crumpets alongside heartier options such as a cooked breakfasts and much fabled bottomless cocktails. Ever a creature of habit, I plumped for a pot of Earl Grey tea and French toast with berries, clotted cream and honey- the kind of luxurious breakfast which I'm convinced I'd never be able to perfect in the kitchen at home! The food was delicious, and the relaxed atmosphere perfect; as well as being a huge fan of the food on offer I'm also convinced that Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings offer some of the prettiest tables in town too!

Have you discovered any new foodie favourites recently?

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19.07.2015- On the Menu: Brunch at Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings

Although I'm a real fan of seeking out new styles of cuisine, sometimes you can't beat some foodie home comforts, can you? Tucked away in Covent Garden Market, Battersea Pie Station is a foodie destination which has been on my 'to visit' list for ages, and a little while ago I finally had the opportunity to try their trademark traditional  menu for myself. Established in 2009, Battersea Pie Station has garnered a reputation as London's go-to for pastry perfection, so you can imagine how eager I was to give their offerings a try:

The menu, which varies from day to day, isn't all that extensive, but it offers simple, expertly crafted cooking which is as heartwarming as it is hearty- back when I visited it was to escape a rainy, grey evening, so some comfort food was very much in order! I plumped for the Chicken Pie (the last one in the shop I'll have you know!), accompanied by a very generous side order of green beans.- because if you can't go a little bit Girl vs Food on a wet Wednesday evening, then when can you, eh?!

The pie was cooked to perfection, with a flavoursome filling and incredible pastry casing- such a lovely change from a lot of the open pies which I've tried in other restaurants before. With lashings of gravy and a touch of greenery, this was a great plate of grub which went down an absolute treat. Perhaps true testament to how delicious it was comes from the fact that I now find myself having to avoid the market for fear that I'll stumble inside and end up devouring everything on the menu!

Have you tried Battersea Pie Station?

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08.07.2015- On the Menu: Battersea Pie Station

This is probably old news to regular readers, but brunching is rapidly turning into one of my favourite pastimes. Since paying a visit to 3 South Place and sampling their selection of mid morning goodies last month, I've been on the lookout for some new haunts to add to my ever increasing eating list, and a few weeks ago a spontaneous catch up on the South Bank afforded me the chance to sample the brilliant brunch bonanza at Canteen. I'd been to towards the end of last year for a cheeky pre-IMAX cup of tea and quick bite to eat, but with a little bit more time to investigate their menu on this occasion (and having skipped breakfast in favour of some valuable extra snoozing seconds!), I opted to explore their selection of seasonal foodie favourites:

Canteen's menu offers Great British grub at really reasonable prices, and varies from season to season to ensure that everything on offer is as fresh and sustainable as possible. I found the prospect of scrambled eggs far too tempting to resist (served perfectly with granary toast and chives), and my lovely friend Kate opted for the poached eggs and avocado- definitely an option which I'll be exploring next time I pop along. With eyes bigger than my belly (as always!), I also ordered the sausage roll and tomato relish, complete with a poppy seed topping- a lovely twist on a really satisfying staple- sometimes you can't beat a bit of comfort food, eh?! Finally (and because no meal is complete without pudding), we both plumped for the chocolate cheesecake as a sweet way to finish things off- and from someone who's not normally a cheesecake fan, it was a gamble which really paid off as it was absolutely gorgeous- although I wasn't entirely won over by the crème fraîche accompaniment.

Are you a fan of Canteen? Where are your favourite brunching haunts?

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25.05.2015- On the Menu: Canteen

Weekend Brunch. Possibly one of the most cherished phrases in the English language. The promise of a leisurely meal straddling breakfast and lunch whilst combining the best of both worlds is one which I've come to really appreciate over recent months, particularly when I want to make the most of not having to set an alarm! For a special Easter weekend treat, Lily, Hannah and I decided to sample all that the weekend brunch menu that 3 South Place has to offer, sitting down for a much needed catch up over some tea and seriously scrummy delights:

Having sacrificed breakfast in favour of maximising my opportunity to enjoy as many things as possible from the menu (and an extra fifteen minutes in bed!), I instantly plumped for a pot of Earl Grey, swiftly followed by a bowl of yoghurt, granola and berries- a real morning favourite of mine. This granola was pretty luxurious, with plenty of raisins, seeds and nuts adding the perfect crunch to the mix. Next up, I opted for the Croque Madame- another indulgent treat which was the perfect combination of some breakfast and lunch favourites. For something sweet to finish things off, I selected the milk chocolate set cream with salted caramel, which proved a real winner...although I have to confess that by this point, I was a tad too full to finish it off completely! 

Overall, the perfect way to start the weekend, and I'm already planning a return visit at 3 South Place- the perfect pocket of haven in the city! 

Where are your favourite places to go for brunch?

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06.04.2015- On the Menu: Weekend Brunch at 3 South Place

Whilst I love a good burger (mmmm Patty & Bun) as much as the next person, sometimes it's nice to be a little bit more refined and indulge in some more delicate dining. I'm a huge fan of Spanish cuisine (thank you summer holiday trips!), and since a few local tapas favourites closed their doors a little while ago, I've been searching for something to fill the Serrano ham shaped void in my life. Brindisa is one of my go-to favourites at Borough Market (you haven't lived until you've tried their olive oil crisps), and their South Kensington sister restaurant has become a real favourite for when I find myself on the other side of town. A few weeks ago, after visiting Savage Beauty at the V&A, my mum and I popped in for lunch- and, as ever, the menu was perfection on a plate:

For me, the beauty of tapas lies in the variation which you can enjoy across so many different dishes, and the smaller plates are a great way to be a bit more experimental with your eating. Brindisa's menu has lots of traditional favourites, including an amazing charcuteria selection, as well as seasonal house specials which you'll only find at the South Kensington restaurant. My favourites (and most ordered dishes!) include boquerones, chilli garlic prawns and ham and chicken croquetas with goats cheese- mouthwatering morsels which are perfect for a light, lazy lunch or as a great way to round off the day. If you're planning a visit, I'd also recommend ordering a basket of bread as it usually arrives at the table when it's still warm- heavenly!

Are you a fan of Brindisa?

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25.03.2015- On the Menu: Casa Brindisa, South Kensington

Now that I'm on the cusp of being a 25 year old 'grown up', it's fair to say that my tastes have changed a lot. Much in the same way as my shopping habits have evolved, I've also found myself becoming far more of a foodie too. Whether it's exploring Borough Market (one of my absolute favourite places), or ticking restaurants off of my dining out bucket list, getting gastronomical is well and truly one of my favourites pastimes. Last Saturday, in celebration of Hannah's birthday, myself and some blogging buddies headed along to Polpo in Soho- and their menu was well and truly the stuff which (foodie) dreams are made on...

Nestled a five minute walk away from the chaos of Oxford Steet, the Soho Polpo (the original branch!) is small but perfectly formed. We managed to nab a table downstairs, which was a lot quieter and far more relaxed than the frenzy of the first floor, particularly at lunchtime on a busy Saturday. The menu is simple, consisting of small sharing plates, with favourites such as pizzette sitting alongside dishes like braised octopus, cured meats and Italian breads. Relaxed, informal and flavoursome, this is a selection which really lets the food do the talking. I chose a cured pork shoulder and pickled pepper pizzette, with the paper thin base really allowing the toppings to come into their own- definitely recommended if you're a fan of food which packs a punch! My next choice was chilli and garlic prawns- a staple favourite from when I'm enjoying tapas, but not something which I'd tried served in Polpo's signature style. The rocket and chilli salad provided the perfect contrast to the sweet, delicately cooked prawns, which were served very generously- definitely a dish which I'd recommend. Finally, no eating out experience is complete without dessert- and Lily's recommendation of chocolate salami was inspired; perhaps the most incredible pudding I've ever had, and the kind of food which you could enjoy from here until the end of the world without any qualms at all!

Overall, Polpo gets a huge thumbs up from me, and I'm already planning a return visit...but until then I'm investing in the cookbook!

Have you eaten out anywhere special recently?

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22.11.14- On the Menu: Polpo, Soho

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that my number one passion in life is, without a doubt, food. The majority of my day to day routine is planned around meals, I love taking the time to enjoy a good eat. However, having a little bit of a topsy turvy working schedule means that I usually have to have an ultra early lunch or grab something on the go- and as much as I'm a fan of the sandwich sections of Pret and M&S, stuffing your face at your desk is never the best way to enjoy what you're eating. Getting home relatively late in the evening also means that I normally sit down to eat my dinner just before 9pm, so again my weekday meals tend to be devoured in a matter of minutes rather than savoured as they should be. So, when the lovely Melissa from SpreadItFast got in touch to introduce me to a new foodie experience in the shape of Tortilla, I jumped at the chance to go and sample something from their menu:

Chicken Burrito and the Naked Chicken Burrito, c/o Tortilla Hammersmith.

Popping along to the Hammersmith branch with Elodie after a rather manic Monday last week, I made a bee-line for the burritos. Although I've gradually been becoming more adventurous in my dining out habits, this was my first foray into the Californian/Mexican fusion cuisine offered by Tortilla, and- believe it or not- my first encounter with a burrito! Opting for a filling of chicken, coriander rice, guacamole, tomato salsa and grilled peppers with a dash of onions, I heartily tucked in- and was ultra-impressed. The food was flavoursome and filling, and unlike a lot of other 'fast food' outlets, felt fresh and a comparatively healthy alternative. With a takeaway option available too, Tortilla's offerings are a lovely departure from traditional on the go eating, and I think I'll definitely be popping back for another visit soon. In the meantime, lunchtime is calling....!

The food from our Tortilla experience was complimentary, but, as ever, my opinions are 100% honest- as is my love of food!

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07.07.2014- What's on the Menu: Tortilla

The Breakfast Club. Much hyped, much Instagrammed and, until recently (for me at least) never visited. Whilst there's no doubt that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I'm generally a bowl of cereal and banana sort of girl, so when the opportunity to visit the Spitalfields Breakfast Club arose, Sarah and I did the only logical thing- we went for lunch instead!

Stepping through a sunshine yellow coloured door to bacon and eggs heaven, we sat down and perused the menu before settling on a staple- the fish finger sandwich. The brilliant thing about The Breakfast Club is the relaxed atmosphere. Fancy a mug of tea with your chips? No problem. Champagne with your scrambled eggs? Why not. I'm pretty convinced that you could even turn up in your pyjamas and no-one would bat an eyelid- that's just the kind of cool place this is. The fish finger sandwich comes served in a burger bun, with chips and a heavenly homemade coleslaw, served on rustic crockery and best enjoyed with a copious serving of ketchup. Put simply, this is homely, comfort food all served with a sense of humour, and I'm already planning a return trip. 

The Breakfast Club, 12-16 Artillery Ln, London, E1 7LS

Have you been to The Breakfast Club?

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23.09.2013- On the Menu: The Breakfast Club