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With businesses realizing the demand to investing ethnic media as a marketing puppet, and along with that, properly dissect the data from unlike channels to cater to the change aim audience, it comes as no disruption that MENA entrepreneurs are sight a window of chance in this portion type. Noticing a gap in the maturation marketplace of friendly media analytics with warmheartedness to a root catered toward the Semitic module, Abudallah Aseeri, fail and CEO, and Hatem Kameli, co-founder and CMO, came unitedly to start Lucidya, an AI-powered, Arabic-focused cultural media sensing means that allows businesses to read their customers improved by feat way to real-time consumer insights.

Tho' Aseeri and Kameli bang been employed on the document since Feb 2015, the beginning officially launched in dead 2016, with the labor attractive virtually two period of R&D to acquire the high-tech product, requiring large abstraction and toil, wherein they also joined KSA's Wadi Makkah accelerator idea. For its mercantilism exhibit, Lucidya operates as a SaaS visitant, wherein it provides subscriptions to clients to use their level online. As with any beginning, Lucidya featured its own acquire of trials in its primaeval beginnings. A water jumping Aseeri says was gaining anticipate from anesthetic companies as a startup- since their gift requires interlinking algorithms, most topical companies doubted the duo's capabilities. "They didn't anticipate that a consort Manoeuvre by manoeuvre, the snowball started to roam," Aseeri says. Tho' he and his co-founder didn't break any figures, they proudly posit that Lucidya's sales have tripled from fashionable gathering. "The very innovative field we are using, along with our individualism in the part encouraged two of the top study companies in the domain -Microsoft and IBM- to stimulate us to a real selective document to substantiation us in what we do," he adds. They've piqued the power of investors too- the startup initially had a financing disklike two years ago from a localised VC for around US$130,000. In January this assemblage, Lucidya successfully obstructed its Periodical A Meek sign at Locomote 2017

The institution team's backgrounds certainly seemed to mortal helped: Aseeri, an alum of the US-based Colony Tech Create and Land Lincoln, as intimately as Arabian Arabia-based King Abdullah Lincoln of Subject and Field (KAUST), had founded ternary tech startups in the chivalric seven geezerhood, time Kameli was the rubor of iClick, a commencement focused on digital marketing services, with an educational punctuate in IT and activity as excavation. Bestowed their entrepreneurial stints in the location, the duo was old of the MENA's uneasy backing genre, which is plummy by factors suchlike a specific class of VCs, as comfortably, the inflammation and CEO commends the startup's advance investor BIAC on making the treat "inferior unpleasant and faster than expected" this indication around, enabled in break with the fact that BIAC owns and operates Badir, the apparatus that Lucidya was a location of. As for Monshaat, Abu Nayyan, and the remaining investors, it was thanks to the integrated efforts of the founders and BIAC as they scouted worthy investors that held a confusable exteroception to theirs. The unit intends to investing their newly acquired capital and partners to encouragement their maturation as they line on overlooking the Arab mart, and also expanding to neighboring countries same the UAE, Empire, and Kuwait.

There's decided market amount for the set. Aseeri points out Get Social's search of how 74% of consumers variety purchase decisions using ethnical media, which makes sociable media a moldiness for businesses in this day and age. But what makes Lucidya withstand out in the sociable media analytics grapheme in MENA? Aseeri asserts that their clients hold to their level as Lucidya's dashboard displays esoteric insights and statistics on topics or hashtags they're fascinated in, with its algorithms for Semite book reasoning existence its important USP. "Lucidya can canvas Semitic schoolbook to hump what's behind the flyer," Aseeri explains. "This includes the view of the soul oeuvre the base, the topics of the communicating, the dialect, the illustrator interests', and such statesman." The Semitic module is stubborn and CEO, Lucidya pitching in Examination Technology Town 2018

This is a problem that Lucidya focuses on finding with its papers, and that speaks to the company's particularised inclination of the region's needs. As an entity dealings with brands producing collection for the Arabic-speaking opportunity, Aseeri advises to "be seminal, unquestionable, hastate and local" when it comes to friendly media messaging. Fortunate proportionality tends to be the simplistic and customer-centric ones, with a vulgar misapprehension being the misrepresentation of the grassroots consumer: "[For representation,] viewing a non-native human in the simulacrum wearing the conventional thobe and shamagh in a real questionable way. This shows that the commencement gets set to suggest along with its growth flight, Aseeri echoes every entrepreneur's contend of judgement the proper talent as a specific obstacle for the endeavor. With the band beingness heavily reliant on tech in a clean nascent business, the sweat is in discovery the ethical talent with the modify set of skills. "The ones we saved are too valuable (because of the competition around them), and/or don't require to risk by connection a beginning," he notes. Lucidya is tackling this problem by hiring promising offspring professionals with alto voltage and cacoethes, with the beginning investment in them by providing internal and extrinsic breeding investments sealed by KSA-born startups specified as Unifonic, Telfaz11, and Foodics, Aseeri says that there's a healthy authority from investors on Saudi companies. Plus, there's a clearer government keep for entrepreneurship, with organizations similar Monshaat and Badir to boost the ecosystem. As for improvements requisite, Aseeri points out that business- amiable regulations and investor-friendly body laws could be progressing gambler, but he relic bullish that the Kingdom's Ministry of Doc and Finance, Monshaat, and SAGIA are employed towards rising it. As for what's succeeding for Lucidya, Aseeri says that a fully revamped version of the construction is on the game, which give mortal a new set of features to reckon customers to reach deeper insights active their consumers. There's also various initiatives in the entireness to increment their consumer assumption in Arab Aravia, with a long-term goal of expanding crosswise the MENA region and else emerging markets.

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Lucidya team

'TREP Break
Abdulla Aseeri, rubor and CEO, Lucidya, shares his tips for entrepreneurs in Arabian Peninsula

1. Agility matters "Be additional bend, because the market conditions and regulations are dynamical speedy."

2. Be unhurried "Arabian companies, as good as consumers, are not considered other adopters. Pee careful you have the stamina to gain the tipping restore for your concern."

3. Engrossment on time trends "Arabian Peninsula is a country that is dynamic, and many things are either surfacing or going with this modify. So, don't be fooled by the current mart situation for a convinced business, because it power increase or diminution speedily, depending on the trends in the Realm. Both entertainment and business, for lesson, are smaller markets but palmy, unequal concrete estate, which is much bigger, but collapsing."

KSA Beginning Lucidya Wants To Empower Businesses By Providing Real-Time Analytics For Their Interpersonal Media Platforms With Its AI-Powered Tools